Summer 2012 – Vol. 05, No. 04
“Feeding Our Communities With Manna From Heaven”


What Can We Learn From Trayvon Martin

My cousin called me from Trinidad to say hello.  She asked me, “Did you hear about the young man that was killed in Florida?.”  I then said to her, I may have heard it on the news and overlooked it and continued my usual conversation with her.   She was explaining to me about the incident and after hanging up the phone with her, my spirit told me to put the TV on to the news and there it was, the incident on Trayvon Martin, the young man my cousin was telling me about.  On February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida, United States,Trayvon Martin was killed.

Let’s  look at Trayvon Martin, here was a young  black male that body now lies buried in the ground and only God, George Zimmerman  and the deceased know what really happened on that fateful evening of the 26th of February 2012. But brothers and sisters, we all know what happened that night, it was fear.

Mr. Zimmerman was carrying a Kel-Tec 9 mm automatic pistol. Here is a brief description of the weapon he was carrying; The PF-9 is a semi-automatic, locked breech pistol, chambered for the 9mm Luger cartridge. It has been developed from our highly successful P-11 and P-3AT pistols with maximum conceal ability in mind. The PF-9 has a single stack magazine holding 7 rounds. It is one of the lightest and flattest 9 mm ever made.

2 Timothy 1:7 the writer goes on to say: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. It is evident that Mr. Zimmerman did not know of understand this scripture principle. He choose fear, evidenced by his call to 9-1-1. He had the wrong power, Kel Tec 9 mm hand gun, he showed no love by encountering Mr, Martin and by taking his life leads me no choice but to conclude that Mr. Zimmerman was not of sound mind.

If Mr. Martin had killed Mr. Zimmerman in the matter described, I am afraid that Mr. Martin would have been placed “under the jail”. This is why we have so much protesting in this great country and around the world. Racism has reared its ugly head again and will continue to rear its ugly head if we continue to allow our prejudices and flat our rejection of God.

The church must find a way to come from behind closed doors. The church must begin to realize  and begin to reach the unchurched. In John 3:16, the writer writes, For God so loved the world, the world is not just the members inside the church. The world reaches and extends to those outside and in the community, that whosoever believeth in him, whosoever can be translated as anybody.

Church we must become a church without walls. A Church for the unchurched. A Church where people of all races, creeds, colors and languages can share the love we all have in common, the love for Jesus, Others and You.

– By Helen Cummings-Henry